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3 Things Ladies Must Be Careful About

Women and children become more vulnerable in difficult situations of abuse, maltreatment or kidnapping. In our world today, strange things are happening so we must be very careful.

The first thing is that ladies must not accept gifts like money, parcel or a package, knowing that you have not worked for it. Many a time, some ladies accept gifts based on their current financial situation. There is nothing free in life and so as a lady, question everything that is being given to you. It doesn't matter how good or kind, the person appears to be. However, appearance can be deceptive.

Secondly, a lady must not accept free rides especially from people you barely know., which is popularly known as "Lift" It is very dangerous because it could lead to death. Danger is underlined when you open up to strangers.

Finally, most women are being monitored through their post on social media because they tell people anything they do, the family or friends that they have, their educational background and alot more about themselves. Note that these informations are indeed helpful for fraudsters and kidnappers.

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