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Bow Down Your Heads in Shame or Answer These Questions

The Ghana Police Service has embarked upon what some may call "arrest spree" following the death of a police officer in the infamous bullion van robbery that occurred on June 14, 2021 at James Town. In an operation within Accra and its suburb communities, the police have arrested over 200 suspected criminals and retrieved a number of weapons and other illegal substances. Also, a number of suspected criminals have also been arrested in other regions such as Upper West, Ashanti and Eastern Region in the past few days.

Whereas this renewed energy and show of alacrity in arresting these alleged criminals is commendable, it raises several questions in the minds of the ordinary citizen.

So I ask: Why must it take a police officer to lose his life before criminals on the streets of Accra could be chased and arrested? What exactly have the police being doing all this while? Are the police aware of the existence of all these persons in our communities? And if YES, why haven't they been arrested until the tragic incident of June 14? Why was the police so swift in searching for the perpetrators of this heinous crime unlike other similar ones?

There have been a litany of armed robbery cases since the beginning of this year. However, the perpetrators of most of these crimes remain at large whilst the victims are left to their fates. It is the duty of the police to protect every citizen irrespective of class, political affiliation, ethnicity or religious beliefs, at all times. This explains why the police must be seen exhibiting the same high sense of duty they appear to be exhibiting since the June 14 robbery.

One distinguished characteristics of effective leadership is to be proactive rather than reactive. But for some time now, the Ghana Police Service have been reactive than proactive in many instances and that obviously does not auger well for the security of the citizenry. What is the state of your intelligence gathering unit? Are they well resourced? What kind of technology is being employed for the detection and prevention of crime? Obsolete or advanced? These questions begs for answers and until such answers are provided, you must bow down your heads in shame.

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