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Remember Lady Who Resurrected When She Was About to Be Buried? See What's Happening to Her Life Now

Assuming you wake up in a morgue after already being pronounced dead. Leave your family's mourning and funeral arrangements alone. Assume you're in the mortuary, surrounded by many other human remains inside the body refrigerators, and you're in these same situations.

Nyakio was sexually assaulted by 5 men. Because she was near death, they threw her in the path of approaching trains. When the security forces found her body, they rushed her to the burial site, where they presumed she had died. Harriet began to wake up, and her mother eventually took her home after picking her up.

Harriet Nyakio, 27, from Kerugoya in the Mount Kenya Region had never imagined the conditions described above until she actually lived through them. The same lady found it amazing that after being declared dead, she came to in the burial site and was resurrected.

Only a few hours after already being pronounced dead and taken to the morgue, Harriet Nyakio, a resident of Kerugoya village, recounted how she was resurrected. She claims that when she woke up, she was unclad and only sheltered by a sheet, in a spot that felt like frozen ground.

Also, on the surface, Harriet was having to wait for her preservation to be completed. Her survival was discovered by the mortuary receptionist, who immediately moved her to the hospital's intensive care unit.

What is currently happening to her life:

Now, she is healthy and happy after uniting with her family. In fact, she got many gifts from her friends and relatives who couldn't believe she could resurrect after hours of being declared dead. She is currently living a fulfilled life with her profession as a fashion designer.

Only God is capable of bringing back the dead to life, if you believe in God don't hesitate to drop your prayers for her and also glorify the name of God

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Harriet Nyakio


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