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'Twists and turns' about the money ritual video. Herbalist fingered for trying to cover his evils

A video circulating on social media shows how a herbalist allegedly saved a young girl from her father, who would have sacrificed her for money, had he met a ritualist who was willing to perform such money making ritual for him. According to the herbalist, the man lives abroad and has 12 children. He has however decided to sacrifice two of those children for money due to the hardships he is going through.

The man whom the daughter identified as Evans oppong in the video had a white cloth tied around the lower part of his body, showing his readiness for the rituals before the police arrived. The little girl expressed shock when the herbalist introduced himself to her and told her the reason her father brought her there.

The herbalist said he decided to expose Evans in order to dispel the perception people have about herbalists as seen in movies. According to him, they only prepare medicine for people and do not kill.e

Meanwhile, there seems to be a different twist to the story. A Facebook account identified as Odehe Bi responded to an apology the herbalist rendered on his page for including the little girl in the video. Odehe Bi accused the herbalist of blackmailing 'Evans Oppong' and also fingered the herbalist of several other evil deeds. Odehe Bi's post shows he either know the herbalist or has personal issues with him.

He wrote "I don’t care about the number of girls you raped. Even if you call me for evidence I’ll bring them and those girls together to you. I don’t even care how many girls you sodomized. I don’t even care the number of neggars that you had sex with their wives all in the name of spiritual cure. I don’t care why you wanted to kill that lady who bailed you from prison cells in Togo just because you were caught for impersonating as a soldier. I don’t care the number of ladies that lost their pregnancies and also those that you used their shine and favour in life to feed your gods. I don’t care the number of ladies that you took their naked photos and used to blackmail them for money. That’s your personal problem and nature will ask you questions for it some day to come, if it’s true or not, Nana Adu.

I’ll only ask you questions on why you think a man will bring his daughter for rituals of money. I’ll ask you questions on why you decided to disgrace a man and put his entire family to shame and ridicule just because you spent all his money he brought from abroad and you knew the issue will blow out of court issues and paying back will be a problem. I’ll ask you why you always do things to get hype and fake or get more customers to your shrine. Why did you want to prove a point that you’re not evil and all that? Who accused you before that you’re evil and what do you think people are saying about you that you want to use this video to clear the air? I’ll ask you why you have goons and bodyguards who go after people that get disappointed at your shrine and calls you out for defrauding. Why your wall is always about occult practices and words from the books of saints and also I’ll teach you the many instances where the video you posted about the innocent man on the story of money rituals is a big lie and a fallacy. Wait!!"

We shall update you as and when more details about this story unfolds.

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