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'See what these students were sighted doing in the name of taking picture

Children of today do certain abnormal things and puts the blame on things you wouldn't expect. A child can steal a huge amount of money and when asked, he or she would say it's because her mom didn't give he or she money.

A child can also have intimacy with someone and when asked, because he saw his or her parents doing such and though it may be true, does that mean he or she should also do such or follow.

Sometimes we are the reason why children do or portray certain violent attitudes, what they see is what they follow, as curious as they are. We should avoid doing certain things in front of kids as it might contribute to their upbringing.

These students went for a program in school and afterwards, instead of them to go home and learn they decided to take a picture. Fine, that isn't a crime after all but look at what was going on.

This is very bad. Why should children at such tender age be in a position like that. What we are all seeing above is actually a sex position which I don't want to talk about since I guess we all know.

This was going on in the name of taking picture. It's surprising where such children get those ideas or thoughts from, I don't recommend such attitudes.

If such attitude is being caught, the child child shouldn't be spared but disciplined severely since such attitude can lead to something else. As a saying goes, spare the rod and spoil the child.

What are your thoughts and say in this?

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