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'My daughter is gone, my only daughter' - Woman, 69, breaks down after Bogoso explosion

Known in the Apiate community as Abrewa Nanaa, was shocked to the core when the news of her daughter got to her. Veronica Mbia, the only daughter of Abrewa Nanaa was discussing something with her friend when the explosion came. 

Veronica, standing at the back of a mud house, did not survive as the mud collapsed on her killing her at the spot. Nyiya Abigail, the girl friend to Veronica, was struck with a bamboo pole and ended up breaking her legs in the action. 

It was like a wind, a loud one. Just within seconds, everything was gone. We were discussing life when Veronica made a joke. She pushed me away when we all laughed and that saved me. 

If it wasn't for the push Veronica gave me, I would have died too. Abrewa, Veronica saved me. She saved me, Abigail said to Veronica' mother after the explosion.

Veronica was confirmed dead on the spot as her body was without life when she was rescued from beneath the collapsed building. Abrewa Nanaa, 69, could not take it lightly as she stood shocked after hearing the news of her daughter's death. 

Who will bury me, Vero? My daughter is gone, my only daughter is gone. Who will bury me, take care of me, help me with the farms? Vero can't do this to me, the aged woman said repeatedly after Veronica's body was taken away.

Abrewa Nanaa nearly collapsed but Abigail and the surviving victims at Apiate were able to hold her down without any injuries. We did so she won't collapse on us. She is calmed now, despite her cries, Abigail confirmed after the explosion. 

The Apiate Bogoso explosion has taken several lives which the police are yet to give verified details on. Veronica's body has been taken to the mortuary whiles investigations are still on going on the actual cause of the explosion.

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