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A 42-Year-Old Mother Pour Hot Water On 19-Year-Old Son, Pleaded Not Guilty In Court.

Mothers are to love and care for their children, both biological and adopted. In fact mothers are to protect their children, correct them whenever they go wayward and encourage them for a bright future. Apparently that is not always the case. Many children has fallen into the hands of wicked mothers and guardian's. This wicked mothers will scold a child with every slightest mistake. The worst part is, they will make the child feels like they have no future. What makes a mother so wicked to that extent? 

Some few days ago, a 42 year old mother and a hairdresser by the named Cynthia Owusu was arrested in Accra for pouring hot water on her 19 year old Son for unknown reason. She was arranged and appeared before Accra Circuit Court. There, she claimed her son was been stubborn. She was charged with causing harm, but she pleaded not guilty. 

Even in the Court of Law she still can't realize what she did was totally wrong? I must say this woman is not mentally stable.

Thanks for reading!! What is your take on this story?

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