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Start your day with laughter. See these funny pictures

Hello and good morning. Fast forward, I want to share with you some pictures I think you can't resist upon first sight. They are very funny and I know at least, 10 of them will probably fill your day with smiles

Take a look at them

1. How born again Christians dress to church.

2. "Your honor, I'm going to visit the toilet, wait for me"

3. His face is exactly mine at the moment

4. After being kidnapped in Kumasi while I had to be in Accra

Me to the kidnappers: Please don't tell my parents you found me here

5. If "high" was a person

6. This isn't that funny until you take a look at her face. It summarizes the sound you will hear after she hits the man

7. Teacher makes a mistake, the whole class laughs

(10 minutes later, everybody is serious)

Me and my friends:

8. When you marry your Christian brother.

9. "The food will be shared in alphabetical order"

Me whose name is Yakubu Zamani:

10. When the person you are hoping will send you money calls you and asks for a loan

11. When your kids bring your their homework and you know perfectly that you don't understand but you have to act like you are really trying to understand it

12. This is too bad. I thought spring rolls had either cabbage or beans but look!!!

13. When you have to replay that music which hits differently

14. When I finally find the guy trying to snatch my girlfriend from me

15. One funny thing about this is that, if Peter breaks her heart, she has to find another Peter to fill that space

16. (It's offering time in church)

Me: As for this one I won't pay. I will use the money for 3 odds

My dad to me: My friend, c'mon go and pay the money

17. When the lecturer coughs

First years:

18. My drip when I win a lottery for the first time in my life

19. Feminists must be proud

20. Boy in green: So you broke the mirror in my sharpener?

Boy in orange: I'm sorry

Boy in green: Go and buy my sharpener for me(turns into a brawl)

21. After the surgery, a colleague doctor starts licking the scalpel


22. When you are advised not to date the guy but you still go and he breaks your heart

The advisor:

23. Literally, they get arrested during Christmas

24. "And this is why I am in a wheelchair"

25. You require a special skill to do this.

26. When I see the person who has been playing hide and seek with me after borrowing money from me

27. Baby, please call Sandra to join us. It will be a memorable experience

28. Me trying to stay awake in class in the afternoon

29. When you are sad but you have to pretend you are okay

30. How I look at my mom when she's beating my elder brother

31. Sunday school teacher: Can you preach today?

Me: "Me? I'm going home oo"

32. My crush: I think I like you

Me who is already dating her in my mind:

33. When your salary finally comes after 6 months

34. When you are home alone but you hear someone talking in the next room

35. Few days into the world and he's already tired!!!

Thanks for being with me, have a nice day

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )

Christians Kumasi


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