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Road Accident

Breaking News - School Children Involved In An Accident, Kia Driver Passed Away In The Cause

Very terrible experience - School bus involved in an accident, guess what.

From the report given by a young man who witnessed the incident in Bono said that, he was standing right by the road side when he saw the school bus, trying his best to drop all the students, at their vantage point since they've closed from school.

So he said that as he was standing there, he saw that the school driver have finished dropping the first set of children by the road side and started to move, all of a sudden a Kia truck from no where who have failed his break and loosed control rushed into the school bus on a top speed. Causing an accident, he said the school bus driver saw the Kia and wanted to swerve the Kia driver, but only God knows. 

What panicked me was that, the Kia driver passed away instantly and the two are in critical condition but all those in the school bus, including the driver and the students survived but just that some of them had a cut on their body due to the broken glasses.

They were rushed to “Dormaa” hospital to be taken care of. The children cried very well, because they've not have such an experience before.

So this evening, this is the breaking news coming out from Bono. Please the drivers, make sure you inspect your cars before setting of on the road.

The description on the school bus was, Bishop Owusu Girls School Complex

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