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Man Narrates What Happened To Him After He Was Allegedly Shot 15 Years Ago During A Funeral Service

A 33 years old man named Richard Tetteh from Abenaboa in Amanhia District shared his ordeal about how he was allegedly shot in his knee during a funeral service in his town 15 years ago. According to Richard, both his parents are farmers and he was 18 years old when the incident occurred, he has been indoors for all those 15 years.

The man explained that he was on his way to buy footwear but when he got to where the funeral service was being held, he saw a man holding a gun and another person too was struggling with him to take the gun from that man but the man accidentally pulled the trigger and shots his Knee. He was rushed to the hospital but both his mother and the man who allegedly shot him couldn't afford to pay for the amount that was requested before he will go through a surgery and the bullets will be removed from his knee.

Her mother then brought him back home, a herbalist assured them that he will apply herbal medicine on it for the bullets to come out but it was not successful. Richards revealed that he was relieved from the pain he was going through after the herbal treatment but he started experiencing those pains a few months later. The man again shared that about a year ago his leg got swollen and has been experiencing the severe pains again.

His mother who used to go to the farm and provide him food to eat too is sick. He cannot walk with his leg so he has been crawling from his room to come out for fresh air on daily basis. Fortunately, the Assemblymember for the Amanhia electoral area came to his aid, provided him with crutches to help him walk with it and also used to give him to buy his basic needs. The man concluded that he has hope that one day he will get help and recover from the pains he has been going through.

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