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"We want to see those cars inside the garage" people left in stitches after seeing this garage

Ghana has a house map pattern of building houses. If you go to Accra and Kumasi you see house patterns in our cities like Accra and Kumasi use Ghana map pattern to build houses. There are some parts of Ghana that don't make use of house patterns. 

Nowadays, not everyone who builds houses went to engineering school. They are some self-claimed engineers. They are house builders but didn't go to engineering school. Likewise, they are self-taught engineers. 

A picture of a house has stirred on social media, causing a big reaction to the picture. The house garage seems smaller than the two cars parked outside the garage. You can see that the engineer who built the house actually made a mistake. The garage is too small. No car can enter the garage even though the one on the left seems smaller than the one on the right. 

I think this is an error made by the engineer that built the house. The engineer is not qualified to be a house builder because no car can enter those garages. People on social media were laughing. They stated no way on earth will cars enter those garages. What would you do if your engineer built this kind of house for you?

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