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N/R: He Failed Twice After These Mysterious Suicidal Attempts Just Because Of His Wife.

Marriage is sweet but sometimes bitter if both partners are not in mutual agreement in their daily activities.

A man in his 40s has attempted twice to take his own life at Gnani in the Yendi municipality of the Northern region and he Failed woefully, just because of his wife.

The gentleman in question, in his first suicidal attempt, drank weedicide popular known as "condemn" to take away his life but unfortunately for him, he was found and sent to hospital for treatment.

In his second attempt, he shot himself a gun in his room to get rid of his life but he was quickly rushed again to hospital and after he went through treatment, he got well even though some of the bullets entered his body.

Many people believed that this is only a great miracle.

The main reason behind his suicidal attempts is his wife. He has complained bitterly and many times how he has been treated by his wife and the pains and agony he go through in his own house.

According to him, he has not seen the reason why he should stay marriage to this woman in his life.

He has therefore seen life to be useless and there is no need to continue living as he went through pain and sorrow.

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