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Road Accident

Road Traffic Accident - Lasting solution for fatal accidents on our highways

There has been massive road traffic accidents on our highways and it seems the cause of the incident always happens to be the same. There is always head on collision which is almost 96% of the cases recorded. It could be recalled that, the Accra-Kumasi highway has been recording many cases followed by the Techiman-Tamale stretch. Every problem has a solution though it can't be 100% solved but there will be a decrease of the rampant daily accidents we record.

The Ghana Highway Authority has been educating the general public about the measures they have put in place and what they should follow to reduces accidents on the road. But it looks like something else has to be done due to what has been going on. Ghana is a developing country but we have developed to a certain point that some things should not have happen but yet still we see them as the day goes by.

Drivers know that, overspeeding, drinking while driving, not following safety road protocols, wrong overtaking are contraindication to the driving. They have been educated for countless times. But the main cause of constant is the usage of one way road. It is important that, the roads which leads to Accra and Kumasi as well as Techiman, Kintampo-Tamale would be a double carriage road. That is the important aspect for solution. When the roads are double, the drive becomes smoothly as there wouldn't be anything like collision because all the drivers, thus those coming and going are on their lane.

We hope that, these cases will reduce and lives of precious ones will be saved. Wrong overtaking always lead unfortunate and untimely deaths. Double or dual carriage is the solution for now. We hope for the best in the nearest future.

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