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2 children who have been killed under strange circumstances in Asunafo South in less than a fortnight

A child under Ghana legal system is any person below the age of 18 years. In less than a fortnight, two children have been murdered in a mysterious circumstance in the Asunafo south district. This calls for urgent pragmatic steps to enhance security within the district.

The two children age between 10 and 18 years were killed in cold blood without any sympathy. The untimely death of these two children is a clarion call on all parents within the district to take good care of their children and monitor their movement at all times. The criminal laws of Ghana strictly forbids murder with damning consequences. Lets see the two children who have been killed in less than two weeks in the Asunafo south district of the Ahafo region.

(1) 17-year-old Okada rider killed at Sankore.

On Friday, 21st May, 2021, a 17-year old okada rider was killed by some unknown assailants at Sankore in the Asunafo South district of the Ahafo region. The young boy whose popular name is given as Abu was hired by some men around 9:00pm to one of the surburbs of the town but ended up killing him and mutilated his body. After killing him, they sealed his mouth with sellotape and left a scissor on the ground.

The dead body has been conveyed by the Police to Goaso Government Hospital for autopsy. Investigation is still ongoing into the alleged killing.

(2) 10-year-old child killed by his own father at Doowaakrom.

Another sad story of child killing happened at Doowaakrom near Sankore in the Asunafo South District on 11th May, 2021. This killing was carried out by Joe, who is the biological father of the child. He killed his own child with the intention of using him for money ritual. The story unfolds that, the people in the village observed sudden disappearance of the ten year old child who lives with the parents in the same room. The wife has left for her hometown following persistent beatings and death threats from the husband. The husband, Joe, has turned himself into fetish priest and turned his village room into a shrine with several fowls slaughtered to feed his god. The people organised themselves and forcely open the village room. They saw the ten year old child being killed alongside some slaughtered fowls inside the fetish room. The people informed the Sankore Police division who went to arrest the man and arraigned him before the Goaso Circuit Court for trial.

These two child killings occurred in a time interval of less than two weeks. This is very unfortunate. The future of these children have been wasted. We hope that the Police within the Ahafo region will step up security to check crime in these areas.

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