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Divorce Affair

Man Finds His Wife In The City With Another Man 6-Years After Her Burial (See More)

It was a particularly sad day for a man who spat on his wife Laira Bigale, who died in 2015, and was buried with another man said to be his friend.

After a long journey from his village, a man named Ushenga Ikahiru moves his dead wife with another man in Nairobi and makes the biggest fuss of his life after the woman admits that it is him.

He couldn't deny it. "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him. He was buried and all his rights were taken from him. He couldn't deny that he was." According to Ushenga.

According to reliable sources, the woman faked her death after being rejected for divorce and only turned to her husband to be with her lover.

The problem only came to light after the man took him to a Nairobi court for the woman to explain in such a bold decision.

"It is true that I have to do this because I am dealing with this marriage. I have never been happy in this marriage and I want freedom." said Ibigail.

The defendant's mother, Ortia Laira, was also summoned by the court to comment on her daughter's behavior, which she confirmed and said she wanted her daughter to be okay and she should remain silent.

Bigail's fake death was announced in 2015 and she was buried in her mother's homestead in her village (name not given).

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