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Theft robbery

Special Notification From The Ghana Police Unit

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This is very necessary for the public because of the rise in crimes nowadays. This is the new way robbers snatch cars from owners.

Robbers now approach the MC at a wedding party or public event to make an announcement of a specific car with registration number so, so and so, blocking them.

Some guys with a gun will be waiting outside for you as you go out to drive your car. They are aware that you have the keys to your vehicle.

Then you're told to take the car out of the compound with them already inside. The rest you know what happens.

When your car registration number is called out at a social gathering, please do the following:

1. Before going out, take your time.

2. Don't go out alone; at the very least, go out with two or three people.

3. Don't go straight to where the car is parked; at the very least, check from a distance to see if you are actually blocking another car.

4. Before you go, make sure there is already a driver in the stalled vehicle.

5. Before entering your vehicle, keep a close eye on your surroundings.

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Ghana Police Unit


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