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Flooding in Parts Of Accra After Heavy Downpour Of Rain

Accra has experienced numerous flooding within the first half of the year. We are in the rainy season and we are going to see a lot of rain as predicted by the meteorological department. As human beings, we cannot stop the rain from falling but we can manage or control how it can affect our leaving. If you see the clouds forming in the sky, what comes into your mind and what at all do you think of? It varies from place to place and where you find yourself to be. If you find yourself to be in the farming community, then it’s likely that you are going to be happy as your crops are probably going to receive rain. In some other places, the very moment that the weather changes, then people's mood also changes. Accra is one of the few towns in the country that is always flooded even if it drizzles. Although it’s not every part of Accra gets flooded there are some usual places or areas that are reliable to flood. Places like Graphic Road, Kaneshie, and Kwame Nkrumah Circle, shiashie, some areas around spintex among others always get flooded and this morning's rains were no exception.

Can we attribute this to human induce? You can agree with me that this flooding issue is caused or brought forth. Almost all the sewage around the aforementioned areas are been booked by waste materials brought from people’s homes. We can not do away with rain as it comes naturally while little or no effort can use to cease it by we can change our minds and get things done better.As the population increase, so as the silt we make also become many. Have you ever thought of where the rubbish you prepare and dump somewhere in the rain gets to? Perhaps, you may not have thought of it before. All these things are part of the causes of everyday floods in some parts of Accra. Although some of the gutters are too small to hold and drain water with it rains and most of them are obstructed by the waste material that is dumped anywhere.

Also, one of the major causes of this periodic flood is how buildings and structures are put up within these localities. As people move to Accra, the preliminary place they set up is the Kwame Nkrumah Circle and places around the North Industrial area like Kaneshie. Most of the people found at these places don’t have any rented rooms so they end up putting up unauthorized structures and most times, these structures are used to block waterways. Not only the structures but also people have built across waterways and therefore prevent the water from draining to where it’s supposed to empty it selves.

Now, who should we blame for causing this? Is it the dwellers or the local authorities? What do you think are some of the things we have to stop doing? Let people hear your views by commenting on the comment box.

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Accra Graphic Road Kaneshie


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