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Road Accident

Causes Of Accidents In Ghana

An accident is an unplanned event that sometimes has inconvenient, undesirable or even disastrous consequences, other times being inconsequential. In Ghana there are many accidents occurring every day and this is causing so many problems to the nation. Below are some causes of road accidents in Ghana:

1. Careless driving.

Some drivers drive with even thinking about their life, in fact careless driving is the number one causes of road accidents in Ghana. As a professional driver, you have to take care when driving in order to save peoples' lives. Therefore, I urge every driver to drive responsibly.

2. Poor construction of roads.

Road is one of the most important thing we have to consider when it comes to road accidents, this is because a road that is well constructed without potholes on them will never cause accident. Drivers normally get accidents while they are trying to skip potholes and this is very bad. Therefore, roads must be properly constructed in Ghana.

3. Drink and drive at the same time.

Most of the accidents occur out of drink and drive, how can a person drink and drive at the same time that is impossible, how can you control the car when you can't even control yourself. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and also safe peoples' lives we must not drink and drive at the same time.

These are some causes of road accidents in Ghana. Thanks for reading this article please don't forget to share, like, comment and follow this channel for more exclusive contents

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