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"Sad" - I Sold Coconuts To A Friend's Grandma Last Week Who Died 3-months Ago

The reality and happiness of life is based on so many things. You can actually have a wonderful day or experience the worst day ever. My name is Tricia and I'm 23 years. I lived with my mum ever since I was born. I'm the youngest of eight siblings. Life has been very interesting been the last born of the family. I lived with my family in a superb area at Lashibi in Accra.

There is a problem I seems not to understand the whole issue. I normally go to the market during market days since mum also goes to Kumasi to order more goods. Just recently, I sold coconut on credit to my friend's grandma at the market. Since I knew her, I didn't even bother myself to worry because I could get my money anytime.

I met my friend and told her that her grandma has bought coconut from me for the past week and I would be coming for my money. She laughed uncontrollably telling me her grandma had die anvhas been buried 3 months ago. I can't still fathom what I saw. I thought I was dreaming so I had to wake up from my dreams.

Did I see a ghost or that I'm just dreaming. Can someone explain it to me. I really need your help.

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Lashibi Tricia


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