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Two (2) Cleanest and Healthiest Cities in Ghana in 2021.

Ghana is one of the African countries which keep its environment clean.

Keeping the environment clean prevent the people from getting certain diseases diseases like cholera, malaria etc. Not long ago, the government of Ghana declared every first Saturday of a new month to be used as sanitation day, that is , cleaning our communities in order to keep safe.

Two cities have been applauded for always keeping their environment very neat and clean by prominent people and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The two most cleanest cities in Ghana are as follows;


The Brong Ahafa Regional Capital remains the most cleanest city in the country since 2007. It was awarded for always keeping it's surroundings clean. Gutters at the City are always clean enough to allow water flow freely unlike some of the other regions.

Waste bins are provided at major points for people to drop rubbish inside instead of throwing it anyhow.

There have been effective monitoring of public toilets in the city to maintain safety and hygiene in the city. Sunyani is one of the less populated cities in Ghana which may have contributed to effective control of the environment.


The Volta regional capital is also undoubtedly one of the cleanest cities in Ghana. Recently, the member of Parliament for Salaga hailed Ho as the cleanest city in Ghana. The city is well planned with a lot various sanitation measures in place. Plastic wastes are what makes a city very dirty and not clean and it is something you hardly see on the City.

Ho sanitation authorities have put several measures in place which seeks to solve all waste publics. The Ewe people also also very disciplined and clean people who hate dirt. This makes Ho one of the cleanest cities in Ghana. Ho is a very clean and healthy city with a lot of beautiful and amazing hotels, restaurants, streets and many others.

The city may seem like a tourist site for some people.

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