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I Forced Him To Hit It Hard The First Day We Met

I met this nice-looking young man when I was coming from lectures one day. He gave me left to my hostel. In his car he started asking me about the program I am doing and I also took my time to explain everything to him.

We exchange contact after he drops me at my hostel. We became friends and we started visiting each other. He is the type of person I like so much and his accent and his good looks keep tempting me to grab him and raped him as I keep soliloquizing.

One on his birthday, he organizes a party and it felt like a dream come through. We all took some little alcohol and we fell for the thing. He is those shy type so I didn’t worry to control the steer and drive the car myself.

In the middle of it, he came to control the steer and the speed was too low so I told him to speed up and hit it hard because I was close to heaven I don’t want to missed angel Gabriel.

After everything, he thanked me and said I have made him see another planet which means he has never done it before, I was also happy to have someone like him. He is the first person I have enjoyed and he has not done it before.

Thank you for reading.

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