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Meet The Man Who Killed Bob Marley With Just A Pair Of Shoes.

79-year-old Bill Oxley, ex-agent of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) claimed to have killed Bob Marley doing his confession day. According to him, he didn't do it in his own will but rather in favor of Bob Marley's enemies.

Oxley was a trained sniper and marksman, having extra talents on how to get to his target without any traces. He worked for the CIA for 29 years.

Oxley further said he his assassinations were all carried under the pretext of patriotism. He however emphasized that amongst all his victims, Bob Marley remained unique. Oxley said they were in a team of three having union leaders, political personalities and journalists as main targets.

"Marley was a good man, a beautiful soul with a profound artistic talent who did not deserve to have his life cut short". He mentioned Marley had threatened the existence of U.S through a revolution that used music for bullets. A rastafaran who used his funds for to support just causes around the world... a real threat to supremacy. 

Oxley further explained they had warned Marley severally. He explained he killed Marley after he disguised as a photographer for a press and offered him an all star with a tainted tiny nail inside. All he did was to ask him try the shoes out which he did and that was all... He was touched by the nail tainted with cancerous cells and poisonous bacteria.

The days of his death in Miami were one of the worst I had ever lived. I was not at ease with myself but however, I had to accept it. It had been done... done for America's sake.

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