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Police and Squatters at Kotobabi crush over demolition exercise

On the 1st day of December 2021 the Accra regional police meet with some squatters and it resulted in one person dieing and one other in critical condition.

This happen at kotobabi in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The main reason for these crush between the police and the squatters was a demolition on a land which was to be used for the construction of market for the area and these squatters has taken over the land for their settlement.

When the engineer was about to start the demolition, the squatters went ahead to prevent him and for the police to prevent the squatters from distracting the work , one of the squatters pulled a cutlass to slash one of the police officers.

The police officer then return fire to save his life since his life was in immediate danger.

The police was able to over power them and in all 30 of the squatters was arrested and sent to the Accra regional police headquarters.

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