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Read What Brother Of The Murdered Jobseeker In Uyo Posted On Social Media

It is particularly tragic because many of the country's working age people are being forced to die before they can benefit from a secure employment because that type of employment may have assisted their wellbeing, rather than enhancing it. Strange things happen on a day-in and day-to-day basis, and it's just God's grace to resist the schemes of the devil. 

As has been previously reported, a graduate of the University of Uyo went missing on Thursday, and was believed to have been abducted by a man in his 20s who appeared to be unhealthy and very rebellious. A missing young girl from Nung Ikot was found murdered and announced to the world via social media by her abductor, who was identified as Uduak Frank Akpan, a member of the Nung Ikot community, was subsequently discovered in a shallow grave in the community. 

It came as a major shock to her friends and family members when she returned home and died en route to her desired destination, Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

after she was two hours away, it was rumored that she had started crying on the phone, she called her friend, who was presumed to be trustworthy, and the phone suddenly disconnected, and was found to be broken She had finished talking to her neighbor, and her phone was disconnected. 

her friend tweeted her friend's current location and immediately to clarify why she was missing, her friend revealed that she was being held hostage Tweets flew the flag and other people made an effort to find out who had hoisted it. 

Nigerians were optimistic that they could spread the word across the country in just a few hours after they found out about the events that allowed for her return and lead to help in identifying her abductor, thereby hoping the case could be solved.

(Photo of the suspect)

As the younger brother of the deceased has been found, the others who are still alive have been reacting with his reactions like his sibling Umoren. On his or her Facebook page 48 hours after her death, the person announcing it had done so, his or her Facebook page had been visited 48 days after the corpse had been found. That occurred on the date written as “2/5/2/19/11”, i.e.e. “May 2nd”, a month after the first and second Black-Bottomed Sundays on his timeline.

(Photo of Ukeme Umoren, a brother of the late Miss Iniubong Umoren)

Meanwhile, he is said to have admitted to the police to the crime after his arrest, claiming to have been responsible for his involvement. The following incident was said to have occurred: Alex allegedly took the late Miss Umoren to his house where a row ensured, where they argued, and in the process he hit her on the head with an object, causing her death. when he allegedly found out that she was watching, and fled to Oron to get away from the sight of her, and proceeded to dig a shallow grave for him 

T of interest is that the family of the deceased has informed the authorities that they will be undertaking a follow-up investigation with the Ikot Akpan police about the investigation into Miss Iniubong's disappearance.

Watch Video Of Police Report Here

Source: Facebook

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