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Ghanaians React Angrily To Jealous Man Who Burnt Ex-lover With Acid

You surely would get angry over this incident which had triggered an entire conversation about relationship abuse in Ghana. A young woman, named Ofebea Florence Aryeeh beleived to be in his early thirties is in critical condition after her former lover burnt her face and other parts of the body with acid.

The facial has been damaged and may need some plastic surgery [only if she can afford it] as she recieves treatment. Crime Check TV Ghana reports that the victim who is currently recieivng treatment at the Ridge Hospital has no relative capable of paying for her medical treatment.

In her agony, she recounted what transpired to Crime Check TV reporter. In her narration, the jealous ex-lover had thrown her out of his appointment some weeks ago after some minor misunderstanding.

She had relocated with her kids to the father's house only for her to be visited by the ex-lover to assault her. The young man [whose name is yet to be identified] came to the house under the pretext of seeking forgiveness and invite the wife to his apartment.

Florence was in the bathroom and was just about stepping out to dress, when the ex-lover pounce on her and poured the acidic substance on her face.

She struggled with him and amid shouting got the attention of neighbours who grabbed him. The young man is currently in the custody of the police.

Her story had really angered many Ghanaians, as some wish the law deals severely with him. Some others say these abusive relationships are the rise and it's about time young women voice their concerns to get abusers penalize for their crimes otherthan resort to addressing these matters out of the court.

Touching among the reactions was one by Grace Donkoh who claimed to have lost her 8montb pregnant sister who abused and poisoned by the husband.

Anyway for more on this story watch this video.

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