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Video: " Why Are You Running? ", Netizen Questions A Man Who Was Running From A Slayqueen On Stage

Guys of today fancy a lot of things which includes dancing with females in a romantic or exotic manner just for fun to release stress.

In a video which has currently hit the internet, a young guy is seen running from a young lady who is reported to he a Slayqueen. In the video, this lady was seen dancing with her colleague. The kind of dance they were doing was so exotic. That is they were vigorously shaking their backsides to attract accolades from their fans Who were watching them dance.

Doing the course of their stage performance, a guy who appears to be the MC was seen on the stage. Upon this allege Slayqueen noticing his present, she decided to serve him hot with a massive twerk when this gentle man took to his heels.

Upon social media users watching the video, they are seen to be amazed about the reactions of the young guy and this is not normal since most young guys will grab the opportunity and show off their grinding skills.


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