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They must be arrested as well, don't allow them to go freely without any punishment - Vida Adutwumwa

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Media pundit, Vida Adutwumwaa finally raised another serious issue concerning Akuapem Poloo's photo which caused her arrest last week. She boldly made it clear that all the people who are involved in that must be arrested as well.

Madam Vida Adutwumwaa talking with Nana Romeo yesterday on AccraFM, made a statement based on Akuapem Poloo's jailed issue. She boldly told the authority to go into detailed of the case and arrest every single individual who was involved at the photoshooting.

"She must not suffer this alone, all the people involved in the photoshooting must also be jailed as well, including the light-man, the photographer, etc. It means all of them saw her as well therefore they must also be put in prison as punishment", she raised alarmed.

"Furthermore, all the celebrities who have supported her in what she did must also be arrested with immediate effect because it shows how unconcerned they are in this country. Am so surprised seeing Sarkodie saying, ' just a photo ' infact this should tell you how unmatured he is when it comes to social issues, all he knows is to rap on beat and nothing much", angry Vida says.

What do you think about what our mother said, concerning the arresting of all the people who are involved or at the place when the photoshooting was going on?

So does that means the son should also be arrested as well?

Say your views on this issue, do you think her point is right?

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Madam Vida Adutwumwaa Nana Vida Adutwumwaa


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