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Theft robbery

What is happening in Ghana? Armed robbers rob a bullion van in a broad daylight.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.The country every African would love to choose as their second home is Ghana.This country is not too wealthy but one thing that's guaranteed is peace.Though we might have our differences like any other country but one thing that remain constant is our quest for peace and our security's willingness to make us have it.

Lately,a lot of incidence have make us questioned the peace we claimed we have in our country.At first,robbery were done in evening,dawn and night.The armed robbers never had the gut to operate at day time because of the fear In the security system.

Today,a bullion van transporting cash from cal bank was attacked at Batsoona sprintex.According to the eye witness,A black Camry car with four armed men crossed the van right in the middle of the day.They took the security in charge out and unarmed him.They made him lied down paving way for the robbery.

According to the driver,they made away with and nonspecific amount of money and a cheque of 50,00 and 17000 Ghana Ghana cedis. And rushed to the car.The police sustained injuries and he is receiving treatment at the police hospital.

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