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Ghanaians are suffering and there’s nowhere else to turn to- Mahama ‘sadly’ reveals and causes stir

John Dramani Mahama has spoken today concerning the sufferings of Ghanaians. This was a reaction to the ongoing issues which Ghanaians or most Ghanaians are lamenting about. The state of the country as described by John Mahama is in despair. A fire service aganecy was a few blocks away from a mall which happened to catch fire.

Due to the incompetence and the selfish desires of persons in government, the monies or funds which are supposed to go to these sectors are kept in the pockets of the greedy.

And as sad as this is, they’re left free and not prosecuted for these actions. John Mahama who has been saddened by this and many other issues stated that Ghanaians need help.

It is alleged that the fire service were not able to get to the mall area on time due to lack of fuel in their machines or their fire service cars to reach these places. This made the situation even worse as the place was seriously burnt before they could reach there.

Ghanains are suffering and there’s no where else to turn to and our so-called leaders are minding their own businesses and watching them suffer. Is this the country our forefathers fought so hard for?- Mahama questioned in disappointment. His speech revolved around the fact that this government needs to step up.

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