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I give them five thousand (5,000) Cedis for water because the system is not working - Captain Smart.

Captain Godsbrain Smart has finally made a hidden fact about a huge amount of money he donated to the people for water. Water is essential and we cannot do without water in our daily life's. One can go without food for a very long time but one cannot go without water for a longer period of time. The system is not working and Captain Smart has to use his own pocket money to support or help the people in other for them to get quality water.

Captain Smart made known this secret when he was on his fanstanstic discussion with his panelists this morning on Makye show on Onua TV and Onua FM. Captain Smart made it known that, Ghana is not balance and the people of Suhum have to strangle for water in other to survive. There is no bolehole in their locality. The government promise them only one bolehole and for 4 years now the people of Suhum have not seen any bolehole located anywhere on their compounds.

See photos of the water the people in a village (in Suhum) are drinking as a result of bad system.

From the words of Captain Smart, since the Government did not do anything for the people, they take upon themselves as journalists and Onua TV and Onua FM to help the people of Suhum to get a safe water. The people especially the women in Suhum have to travel a long distance only to fetch from a stagnant water with is green in colour. We were taught that Water is colourless, but the kind of water the people are drinking is has a colour and it is green.

The have to boil the water for 3 days and filter it before they can use. As a result of the bad situation most of the people in Suhum are sick. A lot of them have eye problems. Captain Smart then Appeal for help as he donates an amount of five thousand Ghana Cedis to help the people of Suhum in the Eastern Region. Captain Smart added that a lot of people have donated and they are left with only 16,000 to help the people get a bolehole to reduce their suffering.

"I give them an amount of five thousand Ghana Cedis (Gh¢5,000) for water. The government promise to give them a bolehole and four years now no bolehole has been spotted. We are taking our own initiative to help the people. We cannot depend on this system. I fell very bad for the people drinking from green stagnant water. Am ready to help them because I wonder how I will feel if my mother live in that village in Suhum". - Captain Smart stated.

Those watching Captain Smart from or via Facebook cannot stop thanking Captain Smart and Onua TV for their good initiatives to the people in Suhum. Others also lament about the bad system in Ghana and the need to change things as soon as possible for the betterment of the people.

Captain Smart assured his viewers that he is going to give them the needed update as far the water project in Suhum is dear to them and they will not depend on Government before they go the needed things for human survival.

What do you have to say? Is our system really working at all?

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