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(Video) Beautiful Lady Caught Stealing Neighbors Pants To “Sakawa” Boys For Money Rituals

It very sad to see some of our youths walking on the streets without work. Every country aim is to provide a good job for it citizens in other to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country.

The youth must not also depend so much on the government to provide them with job after they have completed their tertiary eduction. When you walk on our street, you could see some young girls and boys trying to set some small business for themselves in other to get something to feed the family.

Therefore establishing your own business is one of the best say to make money for yourself and also it encourage others to do same in other not to depend on the government to provide jobs for the youth before they get something to feed themselves and their loved ones.

According to video on social media, a lady was caught stealing pants from her neighbors compound. In the video, you could see the young beautiful lady sitting on a chair after she was caught in the act.

According to the victim, the suspected thief said she picked the panties because water was coming out of it and as a good samaritan she decided to pick it. She then questioned the suspected thief that why did she removed the panties and was on the way home before she was caught.

This made the victim to think that, the lady wanted to steal the panties to give it to yahoo and sakawa boys for money rituals. Now the world is changing gradually because people have no fears to do any thing for money. The suspected a thief couldn’t alter a word as to whether the accusation was true or not.

Everyone must be very vigilant and should take good care of their underwears when dried outside to prevent been taking by people with bad intentions.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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