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The town where everyone lives in one building

Whittier is a town in Alaska,United State of America where everybody lives in the same building known as Begich Towers.a picture of the Begich Towers

Only about 318 people live in Whittier year-round as at 2019. People in this town work in commercial fishing, recreation and tourism or for the state ferry and railroad. It is a 14-story settlement that also has a health clinic, police station and convenience store.Begich Towers.

Most of the settlers have homes in the tower, as though they were occupying separate bedrooms in one huge house. They live like one big family.

34.7% of the people in Whittier are religious

Whittier is one of the most unusual places in America. The city was a secret World War II substation and the only way in or out of the city is through a 2.5-mile tunnel. Almost anyone who doesn't live in the tower lives in a smaller condominium complex on the town's east side

Whittier has violent crime rate of 31.4 and property crime rate of 39.1 which is relatively low

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