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Police and Military brutality, who should we blame?

The resent brutalities and tensions caused by the Armed forces and the Ghana police has made many Ghanaians call on the government to look into it and find drastic solutions to put an end to this. 

The police and military officers has been seen in so may occasion, brutalizing and assaulting the citizens whom they are supposed to be protecting. 

Is it that the government has failed in protecting the citizens or the civilians has failed in their respective jobs us security officers who are to protect their people or the authorities in charge of recruitment has failed in their jobs?

In addressing these occurrences, there is a serious issue that must be looked at. How these people are being recruited. I have personally seen some criminals who have joined the police service. Some didn't even complete JHS. A gun, cigarette, weed, phones and other stuffs was found from someone who is undergoing a training, he was sacked a day to their graduation and his parent was there to plead on his behalf. How can you trust such a person with a gun to protect his people? 

Is it because there's a no background check or the time for their recruitment is short? A teacher is being trained for 3 or 4 years. Why can't there be an institution which will also train these people for years? Training them for a couple of years will definitely fish out the bad nuts. 

However, they have to equip their intelligence in protecting the people.

Police are supposed to be our friends in the society, our protectors not our enemies.

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