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Pastor applauded for saving a 49-year old woman from death at Bechem

Pastor applauded for saving a 49-year old woman from death at Bechem

It was in the late nineties when a man married his wife. The man Kudjoe had married his wife Winifred with the hope of starting a life together. Kudjoe and Winfred lived for three years, and they were not able to make children. Winfred was able to conceive in the fourth year of their marriage but Kudjoe died before the child was able to be born. Kudjoe died mysteriously that many people never understood his death. He complained of headaches of less than ten minutes, sat in a chair, asked for water from his wife Winfred, drunk the water and used his hands to support his chin. Kudjoe died without anyone understanding what killed him. No autopsy or anything was done on the body to determine what killed him because things of such were expensive in the olden days.

Kudjoe died and Winfred had to continue living her life. She later gave birth and named the son after his father who was also her husband Kudjoe. The little boy never became a human being for a day. He faced sickness from the day he was born till the day he died at two years. Winfred had nothing to hold on to. He gave up on life, and nothing seemed to be working for her anymore. People started pointing their hands at her, for having a hand in the husband's death, and the death of her only son. She locked herself in her room for days and cried and cried but nothing good came out of it for her.

Winfred after the death of her husband, the delivery of her son, the sickness of her son and the death of her son all became a problem for her rather than happiness. Kiwi Mensah showed interest in her and wanted to marry her. Kiwi died three days to their wedding and the whole Bechem community turn against Winifred for been an evil woman and destroying her happiness. She was branded as a witch and everyone wanted to lynch her when the death of Kiwi was pronounced in January 2000. Winifred became half woman and half mentally unstable human when the torture she went through became a stand on herself. 

Not knowing she was standing and suffering from a generational curse that started at the birth of her mother. Her mother's sisters were the ones who started the curse when they came to fight short deaths in their lives. According to the pastor who delivered Winifred, the sister's came together when death was taking them away one after the other. Their husbands were alive, whiles they started losing their lives. In return to please their family gods, they made several incantations with their family God that, it should rather take anything in their marriage and save them from dying. The gods in their family had worked well to make sure the mothers of Winifred never died, but their happiness in the marriage was sacrificed to protect their lives. 

They were not destined to get married because of the curses, but Winifred who knew nothing about it, became the anger of the gods when she became the first to receive marriage vows. And that was why her husband, her child, and the new man Kiwi Mensah died because of the curse. Pastor Clement Acheampomg was walking this morning to look for food to buy, when something told him to pass by the roundabout. And that was where the family house of Winifred was, and something stroke the pastor to go inside the family house. 

He found Winifred and today, the Lord has saved her, said the pastor. The pastor told her, it was ok and worthy for her to stand up and walk to her fame. The mentally retarded Winfred stood up after the pastor's words and started doing things normally. The pastor used no oil and nothing, just the words he spoke, and that was all. Many people who were followed by the news, could not hold their ears and eyes a bit, but to congratulate the pastor for his powerful deliverance seen this morning. 

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