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Those Culprits be found and sacked: Ghanaians react to video of Ambulance used to transport cement.

In a Covid19 era when a virus is haunting us down, there are only a few places one can turn to for safety.

Not the Police or the Fore Service, but rather the Doctors and Nurses, who make up the Healthcare system.

The healthcare has become an integral part of the survival of a nation before Covid19 and a more critical component this Covid19 era.

The availability of hospitality, drugs and personnel is key to the healthcare system, likewise ambulance to convey patients who need emergency healthcarw or are unable to go to health care facilities on their own.

But that is not the case for some individuals, who were recorded using an ambulance meant to provide critical services, to transport cement, disregarding the important of the ambulance even when there are very few in this country.

In the aftermath of the video, some Ghanaians have reacted to the video and some seem not to be happy about it, while others seem short of words so had little to say.

Below are some reactions of some Ghanaians on the video.

Stay tuned for more.

Content created and supplied by: MissChris (via Opera News )

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