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Road Accident

20 Passengers Survived In a Bus Accident after it fell from a mountain of about 12 Feet high.

Christian divine foundation is a missionary organization which help provide food and shelter for the needy. Most of their donations are dedicated to the orphanage house. The Christian Divine Foundation was established in the 1990's by a small business men whom, decided to help the starving people who are in the West Africa. They first established the congregation in a small village in Kenya, and later on it spread throughout the whole nation of Kenya.

In March 2020, the team decided to donate food and some stuffs to a nearby village, which the people living in there where in a great need. The team did all it preparations and decided to take off in April, which would be the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They Contributed of a very great amount of money to help build a better life for them too.

After some days and weeks, the time came for them to take off. The leader, who's a very great and a well-known evangelist who's in the town lead the people to do the donations. They added to themselves 5 well-known men of God along with the 14 members who are part of the Organization. After some few prayers which was lead by one of the pastors, the bus drove off.

About 14:00hours later, the bus drove off from Kenya, where the main office is located to that village where the donation will take place. The journey was a 5 hours journey. In about three hours, they climbed a mountain which is about 12 feet high the ground.

The driver, who's a well experienced driver lost his control on the bus. And as a result of this, the bus had to fall from a mountain which is of height of 12 feet. The people in it were in great fear. About some minutes, the bus landed on the ground, and amazingly, no one got hurt nor a person in that bus died. They all survived with a hurt or a cut on their body.

This reminded me of a bible quote in the bible which is stated in Pslam 91:4-5. It says, “A thousands will fall on your left and ten thousands on your right but non of their evil works will came against you. It again said, the Lord will protect you under his mighty Wings. And you will hide under the shadow of the almighty.

Now this is my prayer for you.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I command every altars of the enemy, which is fighting against you both spiritually or physically, I bind and destroy them in the mighty name of Jesus. Receive a restoration now in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Please share this message to others to know the power of God.

And I know you'll be a blessing.

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