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Secrets Behind Ritual Murders- Spiritualist reveals on Onua Maakye.

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I had goose bumps immediately after I had had a view of what was about to be shown on live tv on Onua tv morning show. Guess what? a former Traditional Priest was been interviewed to reveal all the secrets behind the ritual murders. I believe you know what is about to be discussed. Well, allow me to narrate to you the secrets behind recent ritual killings.

A former traditional priest named Felix Ansah was some time back one of the faces behind the mask of ritual murders. He had a traditional name,’De.Gosty’ and according to him, he had such cases where he requested for human body parts. There is no way to obtain them than to slay human like a mere chicken. Some of these body parts are forearms, calves(hind legs), tongues, palm or head. I shudder to think about recent killings and link it to this matter.

According to Mr. Ansah, the palm is being used for rituals which can provide power or victory. He claimed the thumb is what is needed most in the process. This thumb contains power since it is even used in elections. The hind legs(calf) also is needed for rituals to enable a land or house which is not yours to be yours. Also, he then stated that the body parts of children were being used to perform some rituals which can enable one to control his fellow human.

He also talked about the requests for human blood. He said the blood is very essential in all their rituals. Fetish priests normally use it to compensate and empower their gods. Also, the blood can be used to weaken another man’s soul. The blood of virgins, he claimed is used enriching the gods to do for them their wishes. He continued by saying to test for a virgin, a chameleon was used. It will be placed in the midst of people and whenever it changes color, it means that person is not a virgin. There are more to it and you can only be updated if you click the follow button up there.

Win great thanks to God and his servant, Pastor Cephas Albert Mensah, he changed and revived the fetish priest from his bad ways. On Onua tv, this Friday, stay tuned on their morning show and that will give you each and every detail.

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De.Gosty Felix Ansah


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