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Sad Incident: Man Poures Acid on His Wife, Puting Her in a Very Deformed State

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The tragic occurrence, which has left many people in mourning, occurred in the Central Region in "Bodwease."

Ishmael, popularly known as King Dogah, is the one accused of causing the wife's grave tragedy. He is 30 years old. Comfort Tawiah, his wife, has two children.

There have been reports that his wife, Comfort Tawiah, has been cheating on him, according to the man. He claims he could even watch her to see how well his wife is having fun in another man's room.

Aside from that, he alleges that many others have informed him of his wife's infidelity.

Isaac sprayed acid on his wife while he lay in bed, despite the lack of sufficient evidence and on the basis of widespread rumors.

As the affected woman chats with Nana Yaa Kunado, her poor health is visible in the film, as bandages are attached from her head to her toes, and several portions of his face are covered in very large sores.

Because of his husband's mischievous attitudes, the woman related her share of the story, saying she had long discovered a different shelter from that of his husband's. Despite the fact that she has separated, her spouse used to visit her and her children. The husband paid a visit on the day of the incident, when he later aroused suspicions of cheating after searching through her wife's phone. Based on that, he returned to his car, brought acid, and tossed it on the wife before putting on his heels.

The woman's before and after state demonstrates how nice she appeared at first, but the wickedness of her husband has lead her into a very bad situation.

The woman is currently reported to be blind and has yet to receive proper treatment at the hospital. Meanwhile, she has been receiving local therapies up to this point.

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