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Mystery captured on camera: Just like that, the building came down.

The mysteries of this world is beyond ones imagination. No amount of thinking can make you understand these mysteries. To make matters worse, these mysteries happen virtually each and everyday around the globe.

It wouldn't be mystery for a plane to fly, but it would be a mystery if a flying plane vanishes in thin air without any trace. It wouldn't be a mystery for a building to collapse after an earthquake, but it would be a mystery for a building to come down on its own without any external pressure.

One of such thing was captured on camera and has surfaced on the internet. A completed 2-storey building collapsed in the blink of an eye without any external force or pressure. A truck had just passed by and within some few seconds, the building had collapsed across the street, blocking the road.

Looking at the setting of the scene, it didn't happen here in Ghana. Also, there was no one in the way of the building which collapsed. However, there could be others in the building but it would be difficult to tell.

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