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Fufu joint on the Pokuase interchange – ‘Ghanafuo de as3m b3ba’

street hawkers have jammed the newly constructed four-tier interchange at Pokuase in the Greater Accra Region. Among all the mind-boggling commercial activities going on over the place is a fufu joint on the pavement.

From the video circulating on social media, one could see the entire pavement blocked by arranged utensils and pans, then a man pounding fufu with a woman stirring it in such open. To make it worse, there were customers who have purchased theirs and busily enjoying.

The uncultured act has given reasons for those who were against the #fixthecountry initiative to speak. Afia Pokua, though didn’t outrightly declare her stance, lamented over the incident.

“Ghanafuo de asem beba o.The same Ghanaians who want Ghana to be fixed blatantly pounding fufu at the new Pokuase interchange despite the warning not to do so? Do people do this in Dubai or Singapore? When will we CHANGE OUR MIND AND ATTITUDE TOO????“She cried out.

Her expression caused many people to believe that calling out the people to fix their attitude first is ideal. They believed that if the individuals change their attitudes, it will transcend into a change for the entire nation. Thus, the same people make up the nation.

However, some also expressed that when the country is fixed, uncultured acts such as these would be monitored and dealt with. Therefore, institutions must work to let there be orderliness in the country. And that’s the reason for the fixthecountry, that institutions should be functional.

Sadly, street hawkers have taken over almost all the roads in the heart of cities in Ghana. But the fufu joint on the pavement is quite unimaginable. On pavements, pedestrians have to dribble their feet while swinging between products by these hawkers. It’s irritating when a pedestrian accidentally overturns a hawker’s product even on the pavement meant for them to walk on. The cities are choked.

Fufu joint on the interchange too? Ghanafuo de as3m b3ba ampa!

Story by:S.A.Kingsley.

Content created and supplied by: generalconcept1 (via Opera News )

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