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Latest: Richard Appiah who murdered 13 years old boy tries to outsmart police and escape prison

Richard Appiah, the murderer of the 13 years old boy who murdered the young boy in cold blood and put his remains in the fridge has popped up once again after trying to pull one of his powerful tricks on the police once again. Before his arrest, reports indicate that there were reports concerning how he could be having mental challenges.

And this according to many is what is probably influencing his decision to act in the way he is currently acting. According to reports coming from the police regarding the state of Richard, he is being smart.

Richard started acting as if he is not well and that he couldn’t speak nor talk. Now this is something we have seen on so many occasions. We have seen or noticed that some people after they’re arrested and asked to face the court begin to act as if they’re not mentally sound and this something he decided to imitate. According to reports, he’s acting deaf and dumb in order to outsmart the police and escape prison.

The Ghana police who are supposed to make sure medical check ups are conducted on him have allegedly begun doing so. But from reports, the young man is only faking in order to find his way through what he is currently finding himself in.

Richard according to many who know him is sound and has no mental problem. As for those who feel he is still a threat, they think he should he attended to medically and fixed in order to serve the country for the crime he committed.

The Ghana police are currently conducting more checkups on him as he makes these suspicions deaf and dumb moves. As it stands, the hopes of Ghanaians are also high concerning his due prosecution and him facing the kind of punishment he deserves.

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