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Was it a movie? - Video of men in a heated argument with guns causes stir on social media

It is now becoming a common and easiest thing to have access to gun as compared to the recent years. A video has been sighted on social media showing a group of men from each side in a heated exchange of words brandishing guns as well. It is not known the exact place the incident took place and what actually generated the altercations. Each of them were seen pointing guns at the other as they throw verbal shots. A lady was heard at the background mentioning a name of one them to calm down and take it easy. The name that was heard was Adams while the argument was ongoing.

It could be recalled in a couple of months ago that some men in Obuasi were seen brandishing gun with some huge some of money on social media. The incident was much talked about in the country as they were arrested and arraigned before court. Many people related it to the fact that they must be jailed since there is high increment of robbery cases in the country. But this time around the case is different because these unknown men were threatening each other with the weapon.

If care was not taken, one would have ended the life of the other had it not been the intervention of the people who were present. What will actually cause someone to pull out a gun at someone in the name of anger just because of a little misunderstanding. The video was short so it is not known what will transpire next but those who engaged themselves in such act must be arrested with immediate effect. Investigations must be done and if necessary the law must take its cause as soon as possible if only it was not just a movie.

Click on the link to watch the video:

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