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Latest: Matters arising as big names pop up concerning the kidnapped pregnant woman at Takoradi

There have been a serious issue concerning the latest kidnap of a pregnant woman in Takoradi. Takoradi as we all know has a record when it comes to kidnaps and no other kidnaps but kidnaps involving women. It is mostly uncertain when it comes to the purpose of these kidnaps and why it is always women. The women in the town are currently the most vulnerable and scared group of people in the town and that’s because we all don’t know who is next.

Not only are they scared of what might happen to them but when and where this could be. You might think the path your are taking is the safest only to realize that it is the place where you are even more susceptible to kidnap, rape and other horrible activities. The woman was reported to have gone missing officially around Thursday, 16th September, after her husband of the missing woman and her family realized she had been away for too long.

A day passed, and another, and another, but was no where to be found. After the police conducted several operations and investigations, big names of people in the community who according to people have special relationships and connections with have popped up. From reports, there were instances where she visited one of her friends who managed some micro finance companies in the town.

Reports indicate that she visited this friend of hers at least twice a week whenever she went for maternal check ups and that was because she was only her friend. Her friend allegedly manages a micro finance and some other small businesses in the town and was always seen at her office if she wasn’t occupied. This was a detail that was omitted from the current investigations even though the police claim might sound irrelevant to many but is an important detail that shouldn’t be left out.

This woman whose name will be kept from the media for security reasons also revealed that she had not heard from her friend for almost a week and half. And wondered if she needed some lone or family time because she was about to deliver and she knows the stress that accompanies it.

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