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Solemn Moment For Dampare As Police Officers In Crutches Meet Him Face To Face

The police profession is full of risks. As most of them are in the line of duty, they come across all forms of danger which in the end leave them with life-threatening conditions. Some of them had accidents, others were shot and the rest fell sick whilst in the line of duty. Mostly, armed robbers shoot at police officers leaving them in sad conditions which might later stop them from working.

Over the years, some persons who sign on to the profession as strong men had to give up along the way due to hazards in the job. Due to their conditions, most of them are unable to work again and have become a burden to their families due to the injuries they incurred in the line of duty.

The acting Inspector-General of Police, COP George Akuffo Dampare has taken the pain to visit some of these police officers who are currently incapacitated with a face-to-face meeting. The officers include Lance Corporal Bernard Sefa who was with the Bono regional Operations, Corporal Isaaka Akurugu from the Bono RDF, Lance Corporal Baah of the visibility team at Techiman, and Lance Corporal Bernard Sefa of the Bono Regional Operations.

It was a sad moment for the entire police force when they saw the current conditions of the officers. They were once vibrant and could move anywhere but now, the condition is different. They were encouraged to keep up the fight and know that God is always in control of their lives. They were as well encouraged to remain strong because the police force led by COP George Akuffo Dampare will continue to support them in their trying times.

It is unknown the kind of support that will be meted out to them but at this moment in the lives of these incapacitated police officers, they will need financial support, encouragement, and love. COP George Akufo Dampare must ensure that these officers and their families live happily for the rest of their lives.

Ghanaians mostly forget people who are no more in active service. It is about time we begin looking back at some of these officers and provide all the needed support for them.

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Bernard Sefa Bono Bono RDF George Akuffo Dampare Isaaka Akurugu


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