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It's About To Go Down In Accra

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Today's raim is probably going to be one of the heaviest of all considering the cloud formation up there in the skies as of 5: 45 pm this evening. A lot of people are going to suffer if it should rain cats and dogs today.

We have witnessed many tragedies here in Ghana anytime there's a heavy downpour because our drainage systems are all choked up with sand and plastics preventing free flow of drains. As a country, we need to desilt our drainage systems to save ourselves lives from similar future tragedies.

In 2015, we were hit by a tragedy at circle when it rained heavily and people lost their lives and properties. We pray today is not going to be what once happened in Ghana because a lot of people would have to stay awake till tomorrow because they would have to spent their sleeping hours collecting water from their rooms.

What does it look in your area?

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