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Dos And Don'ts In The Event Of A Tire Explosions Or Blowouts

Do's And Don'ts In The Event Of A Tire Explosions Or Blowouts.

Emergencies do not serve notices of their occurrence before they happen and as such, we need to be prepared for them in order to ensure our safety. One of the causes of accidents on the road is tire blowouts and has resulted in a lot of mortality and morbidity. A tire blowout is an emergency and knowing what to do in such a situation will probably save yourself and other road users. This has motivated me to do some research and share with you what to do when you are driving and your car tire blows out. You may not own a car now or know how to drive but it will be good to have these safety tips. A driver who does not know it may fall on your guidance to bring the car to a stop safely. I have classified these tips into the dos and the don'ts.

You are cruising that nice car of yours to your destination and all of a sudden the tire bursts, what do you do?

The Don'ts: Don't do the following in the event of a tire blowout;

1. Don't panic: Definitely, your fight or flight response will be triggered but endeavor to remain calm.

2. Don't apply the brake: the initial response will be to press on the brake but if you do so the car will be out of control or even toggle over.

Do the following instead;

1. Ascertain that it is a tire blowout. To confirm this, notice the unidirectional movement of the car. There will be a sudden change in the steering wheel. The sound of the tire can also give you a clue. The booming sound is followed by the whooshing sound when air is gushing out of the tire and finally the flapping sound. They are all indicative of a blowout.

2. Maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel. Ensure not to veer into another lane or traffic.

3. Signal other vehicles using the emergency lights.

4. Allow the flapping tire to slow or decelerate the car. When the car is slowed down, steer the car to a stop by the side of the road.

Follow these tips to ensure your safety when your tire explodes en route to your destination.

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