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Someday She Will Wear A White Shirt. Ghanaians React To A Video Of A Toddler Selling Charcoal.

Social media has been buzzing when a video of a young lady who was seen helping her mom serve people with charcoal in the market. The video has since gone viral with various people out of their benevolence are willing to help her enroll in school.

The life we live can only be upgraded by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. You can call it child labour, but her parents, simply can't afford to send this young girl with a promising future to school because of financial problems.

The toddler, after she was seen helping her mother sell charcoal, the heart of Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay was starred to help cater for her.

Social media in reacting to this this story, has this to say.

"Better than leaving the toddler alone in the house, if it were office work, she will be applauded. But because it's charcoal, see people's reaction"

"If she can do this, then she have to go to school"

"She Wants to find her and do what, Take picture with her and post it on social media as if she can take care of the child. You guys sometimes make parents look useless. Has the girl's mother begged for help"

""Train a child the way he should go so when he grows will not depart from it, Well done mom"

"To be born in Africa is another thing together expecially Ghana, the moment I heard so help me God in their national pledge, immediately I knew I entered the wrong country"

"People start struggling right from birth to their last day on earth. Some, just to put a meal on the table for their children"

"The little girl is just emulating how the mother does in terms of the arrangement of charcoal n doesn't mean they are poor. Remember the charcoal seller's child shall surely wear a white shirt"

Hello guys, what do you make of this toddler selling charcoal in the market.

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