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VIDEO: Girl Who Gave His Mobile Phone To A Stranger To Call An Uber Driver Lands In Police Cell

There are a lot of criminal activities in Ghana nowadays. There is, therefore, the need to be careful when it comes to offering help to people you don't know. A Ghanaian man living abroad has narrated how his friend's sister landed in the Ghana Police cell for this naive assistance.

According to him, the girl came across a stranger by the roadside who pleaded that his phone is on low battery but he needs to get in touch with an Uber Driver. The girl without thinking twice gave her phone to the Stranger who used her phone number to book for the Uber.

The girl afterwards went to sleep only to wake up in the morning that she is wanted by the Ghana Police Service. What is her crime? The stranger who used her mobile phone to call the Uber Driver killed the driver and took the car away. You know that this Uber business records the contact of their customer in case of any unforeseen event in the future.

Now, this innocent girl is the prime suspect for the murder of the Uber driver and the disappearance of the uber car. You can tell your story to the police or the judge but what evidence do you have to back your claims. The man is therefore through this video is advising Ghanaians to be careful when assisting strangers.

You can also watch the video through this link below:

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