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Mortuaries call for families to pick up corpse

Families in the communities of Yilo and Manya Krobo claim mortuary owners are requesting them to come pick up their loved ones' bodies.

The bodies are thought to be rotting because of the widespread power outage in the neighborhood.

One of the local youth activists, Edmund Aboagye, claimed that five families had been repeatedly contacted by mortuary staff to come pick up their loved ones' bodies because they were rotting at the facility.

He claims that the workers at the morgue claim they are unable to pay for the fuel needed to keep the facility running.

The hospitals have asked them to come and take up their dead corpses since they have started to go bad at the mortuary, he claimed. "I have had approximately four or five folks who have their family relatives of dead bodies at the mortuary phone to advise me of this," he said.

Irina Offei, the director of municipal health for Yilo Krobo, commented on the situation but couldn't confirm whether or not families had yet been contacted to pick up their loved ones' bodies. But she went on to say that she was certain that "families will be asked to do that if the electricity is not restored by Wednesday."

Madam Offei stated that because it is more expensive for the hospitals to maintain the generators running, they are now required to limit power.

Prior to that, Madam Irina Offei bemoaned the impact of the power outage in the municipalities of Yilo Krobo and Manya Krobo.

She claims that the power situation is having a negative impact on the standard of healthcare provided in the communities.

In an interview, Madam Offei said that in order to offer medical care, hospitals in the affected municipalities are required to rely on generators.

According to Madam Offei, hospitals in the municipality without electricity pay between GH3,000 and GH5,000 to maintain emergency services, operating rooms, admissions, blood storage, immunizations, and refrigerators.

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