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Haitian church members got kidnapped during a live streaming service

Four people were kidnapped during a live church service in Haiti while celebrating Holy Thursday.The kidnapper appearance in the video

A video started with two men and a young lady standing behind a pulpit with one of the men preaching while the remaining two stood still with microphones in their hands who appeared to be singers.The preacher preached for about a minute and thirty seconds and stopped to give the singer a chance to sing.An armed man suddenly showed up in the middle of the song and took four of them out the church while the camera was still rolling.

The son of the founder of the church,Dr.Gregore said he saw two armed men in the doorway and they slammed him against the door and made their way in while he ran for cover.

He said the armed men came in two cars and were about 15 in numbers.

He said the two armed men who entered the church took four of the church members away including a pastor and a renowned pianist.

Haiti is experiencing a highe rate of kidnappings in the country.Cases of kidnapping has increased by 200% over the past year.

Let's pray for Haiti and hope the best for her.

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